Ladybug Lifecycle

We recently read about the life cycle of ladybugs in the “The Wonderland of Nature” by Nuri Mass (I blogged briefly about how we use it here) and then we’re blessed enough to actually see some ladybugs in their different stages of life cycle.

Here you can see the ‘aphid eater’:

“Aphid Eater”

Here is the Ladybug in the pupa stage:


Ladybug pupa
Here is a Ladybug  that has emerged from the pupa stage:
Beautiful orange Ladybug with black spots
It really is amazing the transformation that it makes to become an adult Ladybug!

If we hadn’t read about it recently I would never had realised what the aphid eater was to be able to point it out to the kids. It’s wonderful to be able to see and experience it in nature after you’ve read about it in a book. 

We purchased a second hand hardback copy of the book on a homeschool sell and buy site but if you’re interested in the book they can be purchased new in soft book form from Homeschooling Downunder



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