Keeping pets – Silkworms

I know, I know silk worms are not official a pet, as such, but when it comes to our family silkworms are treated like pets! 

The kids seriously LOVE them and talk to them and pat them and try to cuddle them! (We probably should buy them a dog!!!! Nah! Silkworms are good!)

We’ve enjoyed reading this book about silk worms:



The pictures are great (of course being Steve Parish’s work) and show each stage of the silkworms life!

At the moment the silkworms are still in the larve stage and have yet to become moths but they are growing bigger and eating a huge amount of mulberry leaves every day!

Here is a progression of photos to show how much they have grown so far:


The paper napkin has the eggs attached and the tiny black lines are newly hatched silkworms!
 It’s going to be so exciting to finally see them spin their silk cocoon and eventually hatch out! 

There is nothing better than seeing, touching and experiencing nature to really learn! So much more can be taken in than just reading a book! They also become such great memories for the kids to remember in years to come!

Have you ever had silkworms as a family? 

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