The Resourcefulness of Children

It never ceases to amaze me at how resourceful children can be even when they have limited things to play with. Our life last year consisted of a change in priorities and a unique living situation. It meant the children were left will a smaller number of toys to play with because everything was left in storage for a whole year. After a while the same toys get a bit ‘boring’ and lose their appeal. In these instances it was nice when the kids could use their imagination to create different, fun things to do.

Here are a few things they did which I thought was brilliant!

Old plumbing pipes become a super sized marble run!:

A moving trolley is used as a go-kart (glad he was wearing a helmet. You can’t tell in the photo but that is a steep driveway):

Lots of items from nature used to make a habitat for their toy animals:

Sand dunes used as a huge slide:

A few old ice cream containers, some items for mixing dirt, water and bits from the garden and the kids had their own cooking competition:

These are just a few of the things they got up to over the last year.

Just goes to show kids still have a great imagination even when we think they are missing out!

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