Letter and Number Recognition fun activity

It’s funny how when you’re homeschooling you become more aware of how simple everyday activities can be a teaching opportunity. 

Take for example our latest breakfast time ritual. On the days when we have eggs on toast about twice a week the kids love tomato sauce on toast. 

Somehow it came about that we starting drawing on the toast with the squeeze bottle of sauce. It started off as smiley faces, then the first letter of each person name, then we’ve moved on to numbers. 

The younger ones now tell me the letter or number they want written and then we say it together. I’ll usually say the letter sound and we talk about words that start with that sound. 

Our oldest writes his own which has been fantastic to practice letter/number formation and also for fine motor skills. It can be quite a challenge to get the letters just right. 

Just recently the kids have been asking for double digit numbers including our 2 year old which is a great learning experience and so much more interesting than just reading it off a sheet of paper. 

What different or weird ideas do you use as “teaching” opportunities?