Weather Station Tour

The kids and their Dad went to our local weather station today. 

Here is a recap of what they learnt as told by Master 6:

“The Weather balloon goes up 30 km. It blows up because it’s made from dangerous gas. People filling up weather balloons use weird suits to protect them because if it blows up, the gas can go on your face and gets its skin peeled off. There is a tower your not allowed to go in because it’s all dangerous. ”

Here is Dads take on the same info:

“They release 2 weather balloons a day. All the balloons are released at the same time around the world. It costs $300 per balloon. Weather balloons go up to 30 km high, and can travel as far as 300km across. When filling up the weather balloons with hydrogen the people wear special suits to protect them because if it blows up it could peel the skin off their face. Only the people who work at the station are allowed in the building that holds the hydrogen to fill up the balloons. ”

Here are some photos of their visit:

In front of the building where they fill the weather balloons with hydrogen.
Watching the weather balloon being released.

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