Crazy Kitchen Cook Up

So this is not a Homeschool post but wanted to share my adventures in the kitchen this morning…

So I started off making some popcorn for snacks this week:


then thought I’d better make a cake too:


Which then lead me to think about lunch … So I cooked up 500g of mince (I’d bought 2kg), some carrots and cabbage I had in the fridge to make ‘Beef & Veg Chow Mein’:


While that was on the stove I thought about what to do with the other 1.5kg of mince I had left. So while I was on a roll I pulled out my 2 slow cookers and made ‘Porcupines’ in one:


And a “Huge” pot of Pasta sauce, adding some more grated carrot and zucchini that needed to be eaten:


The kitchen smells amazing and I’m pretty chuffed with myself! 😋 

We’ll be well fed for days! Yay me!

What have you got cooking today? 

What’s your favourite family meal to make?

Meet the Troops

Before beginning to share our life we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the “small people” who play such a large part in, well ….. everything Homeschooling! 

Because let’s face it if they didn’t exist neither would our Homeschooling Adventures! 😀



Master 5 (turns 6 in June) – Year 1

Natural Born Leader of all the other “small people” in his clan! With a passion and love for others he’s a real people person! Takes his job as “big” brother very seriously and loves his “little” brother and sister! Forever curious and highly intelligent, this boy can ask some good questions, which always keeps me on my toes! He thinks, talks and walks 100 miles an hour! Full of energy I get exhausted just watching him go! (Note the eye patch, he’s also a huge Octonauts Kwazii fan! As are all our kids! Also notice the mess, not made by him, and grazed knee … that’s real life people! 😜)


Master 3 (turns 4 end April) – Kindy

Our beautiful, sensible, nature loving boy with an awesome sense of humour, who is the perfect compliment and best friend to his “Big” brother! A natural hands on learner with lots of commonsense to boot! Bare feet and mud are his idea of perfection! Wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a farmer one day with his love of the outdoors and animals! He can keep up with his brother in the energy stakes, so glad they’ve got each other to bounce off! He also takes his role as “big” brother to his “little” sister very seriously and always makes sure she’s not left out or left behind!


Miss 2 (turns 3 in November)

Our beautiful angel girl! She does her absolute best to keep up with her brothers whom she adores (the feeling is mutual between them all 😊)! Not afraid of much, willing to get muddy, capture wild insects, but also dress up and be pretty! Definitely daddy’s little girl and mums little shadow! She’s very precious! Doted on by all in the family and with 3 “men” in the house to look out for her she’s well protected!

So there you have it our precious blessings who needless to say we love to bits! 

Next up we’ll share what we’ve been doing in our homeschool so far this year!

Hello and Welcome!



Hello Readers!
This blog is a record of all that we create, experience, feel, see, and do in our Homeschool day!
Being that Homeschooling and Home Life often overlap the occasional post will be about Daily Domestic Life too!

It’s ultimately a place to share photos, hash out ideas, review and recommend curriculum, discuss organisation tips, share storage solutions, dispense handy hints, and discuss important topics related to Domestic Life and Homeschooling!

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