Crazy Kitchen Cook Up

So this is not a Homeschool post but wanted to share my adventures in the kitchen this morning…

So I started off making some popcorn for snacks this week:


then thought I’d better make a cake too:


Which then lead me to think about lunch … So I cooked up 500g of mince (I’d bought 2kg), some carrots and cabbage I had in the fridge to make ‘Beef & Veg Chow Mein’:


While that was on the stove I thought about what to do with the other 1.5kg of mince I had left. So while I was on a roll I pulled out my 2 slow cookers and made ‘Porcupines’ in one:


And a “Huge” pot of Pasta sauce, adding some more grated carrot and zucchini that needed to be eaten:


The kitchen smells amazing and I’m pretty chuffed with myself! 😋 

We’ll be well fed for days! Yay me!

What have you got cooking today? 

What’s your favourite family meal to make?

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