Snapshot of year so far …

Being that we’re over half of the way through this school year and the blog has just started wanted to give a snapshot of what’s happened so far …

  • We started the school year earlier than the “official” school term mainly because we’d finished the 2014 school year back in November and the lack of structure for many weeks was starting to show. Also because I’d spent so long planning out what we were going to do and was stressing over how it was all going to work I just decided to start rather than stewing. 
  • All went well until I got so overwhelmed and burnt out after 6 weeks I decided to break for a holiday. During that time I was able to get outside and weed the garden and do some cooking just to clear my head and evaluate where I went wrong and what needed to change. I also took time to prep (laminate and cut out) more of the work I had planned for our Kindy work boxes so I wouldn’t have to do it every week. 
  • It took a few weeks before I felt ready to start back again but this time I didn’t gallop headlong into it but rather gradually introduced subjects each day and just did what we could manage rather than every single thing I’d planned out. 
  • Moving on down the track I’m still learning not to put so much pressure on myself and when sickness and interruptions come I’m more accepting of the pace that we have to go to get through. 

Next post I’ll outline what curriculum we are using. 

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