Update on Veggie Patch

Here’s some photos to show how our herbs and veggies are growing.

Sweet peas just emerging

Sweet peas really emerging …

Spinach just emerging…

Spinach getting bigger …

The corn is growing bigger but seems to have slowed done now. Not even sure when it’s supposed to be planted but it’s probably not the right season. Still it’s fun to see it growing.
We planted some spring onions too which are doing nicely…


The parsley is really thriving. It looks so much healthier than when we bought it.  


Can’t say the same for the basil it looks practically the same as when we first bought it. We’ve used a few leaves in our cooking to try encourage more growth but doesn’t seem to have made a difference. 

The kids have lost a bit of interest in watching things grow but once we start being able to “harvest” some of our goodies I’m sure their interest will return.   

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