D is for … Dinosaur

Last week our Kindy boy was learning about the letter D so what better to learn about than … Dinosaurs!

To start the week off on, Monday morning I set up our water table with a dinosaur habitat …

This was enjoyed by all the kids! One side we had water with rocks and then ‘land’ in the other! The land was actually bi-carb and by adding in a squirt bottle of vinegar it added another element of fun!

They loved seeing the foaming bubbles when the two mixed together!

Our whole plastic dinosaur collection got to enjoy being washed in foaming bi carb and dipped in water to clean off!


The table was left out all day and the kids added more to it over the day …

They added leaves to the water to make a ‘swamp’ and had lots of imaginative play! 

This T-Rex is carrying it’s baby!

They then moved on to play more “imaginative” games in the backyard making a home for a cockroach in a box complete with a bridge made from a palm branch …

I’ve learnt to get used to all the “beautiful” and “cute” insects that they adopt!

They then used a slide as a stretcher to carry sick people …

This was sparked by our Anzac Studies the week before Anzac Day which they still keep talking about! (Might write a post about this later if I remember)

We then enjoyed “Dinosaur” pie …

Thanks to a dinosaur sandwich cutter Master 4 received for his birthday!

Followed by “Dinosaur Fossil Footprint” biscuits …

It was a really great start to the school week while we learnt about Dinosaurs!

The rest of the week we read dinosaur books from the library and did some dinosaur worksheets!


This is a cut and paste dinosaur we did!

We had a great time learning and playing with our dinosaurs to learn about the letter D! 

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